Town Fans Can Help Secure Clubs Future!

Town Fans Can Help Secure Clubs Future!

28th July 2016

Workington Town Directors last week announced the club's new initiatives to help find a solution to the serious financial situation it is now facing.

Fans and supporters of the club are already coming forward and offering their help to secure the club and its legacy for future generations.

With a magnificent win against Whitehaven on Sunday the players stepped up to the mark and put in a fantastic performance with only 12 men, scoring a try and conversion in the last seconds giving everyone concerned a boost to take this forward.

One fan said "Now we know what the directors are asking of us, which it to secure the club’s future, we can all in our own way make a contribution, whether it is financial or through the gate. The club is steeped in history and I want it to be still around for my grandchildren".

Directors have been humbled by fans who have already approached them "It really shows how much this club means to the fans and people of the area" said vice chairman Mark Fryer.

“In adversity we must all pull together and I sense this is happening on and off the pitch”

The details for anyone wanting to help are as follows:

- Buy Shares @ £5 each with a minimum of 20 shares for £100

- Name a seat in the grandstand £40 (for a fixed name  personalised badge)

- A Just Giving Page to donate any amount you wish. (Donations can also be made at the Main office at the club.) 

 To buy shares or name a seat plase call 01900 603609, mobile No 07562142625, or email, or by visiting the club.

 To make a donation visit, or call at the main office at the club. 

Application forms are available below.

Click here for share application form.

Click here for seat naming apllication form.

Town Fans Can Help Secure Clubs Future!