Workington Town Rugby League Football Club (hereafter known as the Club) does not, and will not, discriminate against spectators and is committed to encouraging and ensuring that all our spectators, both disabled and non-disabled have a great match day experience visit, and are able to access and enjoy the facilities at Derwent Park. To this end, the Club will take a proactive approach and wherever possible make reasonable adjustments to ensure our disabled supporters visit to the stadium is as accessible, comfortable, pleasant and trouble free as possible.

The Club acknowledges its duties and responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010 (incorporatingthe DDA) and is committed to working towards making the stadium as accessible as possible to disabled supporters. The Club recognises that due to the original layout and design of certain older parts of the stadium accessibility is challenging, however, the Club continually monitors its provision for disabled supporters and will strive to improve or upgrade facilities, policies and procedures to the benefit of disabled supporters. In the event of any new major improvement works to the stadium the Club will consult key stakeholders such as Level Playing Field and disabled supporters to ensure that accessibility is a primary consideration in any plans and building works and will take all reasonable steps toimplement the actions recommended. Currently, arrangements are in place to enable disabled spectators, including those from away clubs, to contact the Club in advance of a game so that arrangements can be made to provide the most practical level of support for each individual’s needs.

Information for disabled supporters is also available on the both the Workington Town Official club website and the RFL website.

Summary of existing Club facilities for disabled supporters:

The Club has a small area of the car park reserved for accessible parking; this is a limited blue badge parking area for 8 vehicles which are used on a first come first served basis with 30% reserved until 7 days before the game for away fans.

Stewards are on hand to assist individuals in locating the designated area for parking and this is managed. There is also a “drop off” point adjacent to the disabled supporters’ area which is situated beside the main grandstand.

A designated accessible area is situated in the enclosure and is able to accommodate 8 wheelchair users with adjacent seating available for one carer / PA accompanying each wheelchair user. The accessible seating area is accessed via the ramped entrance (a smallgradient) at the signed disabled spectators door Gate No 4. Given limited access to refreshments, the Club have a dedicated steward assigned to the accessible area who is available for the collection of drinks and/or food on request, along with providing assistance for our disabled spectators if and when required.

The Club operates a policy of charging the full ticket price for disabled spectators. However, where a disabled spectator chooses to bring a PA/carer with them, the Club provides acomplementary ticket for their carer/PA. Proof of entitlement may be requested.

The current toilet provision for wheelchair users is located at the Gate No 4 entrance passage leading to the accessible viewing area. Other toilets suitable for non-wheelchair users are provided throughout the ground.

The Club has an evacuation plan to ensure that all disabled and non-disabled spectators in all areas of the ground are able to evacuate the stadium safely in case of emergency. Where disabled spectators require additional support in the event of an emergency, they are encouraged to make this known to the Club or stewards at the start of the season, match, or when appropriate.

Assistant Dogs & PA

If a spectator arrives at the game with an assistant dog they may also require a complementary carer or PA ticket. At all times the disabled person is responsible for their dog and it should never be left unattended whilst the individual visits the bar areas etc. The event day steward will advise the area in the stadium for the spectator & assistant dog. Proof of entitlement. Proof of disability will not be requested as a matter of course but if there is an element of doubt that the person may require assistance then the proof of entitlement may be required. Blue badge is not sufficient proof for a carer / PA.

EXAMPLE:-An individual may not be in receipt of higher levels of benefit because of conditions such as epilepsy, panic attacks and other mental behavioural needs and as such require a support person to attend event day environment safely.

In these cases a letter confirming that need from a health or community worker should accompany the spectator.